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Mint Condition Personal Training Testimonials

Do you wonder what in-home personal training can do for you?
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Stephanie has been my personal trainer since 2006 and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving his or her level of fitness. Stephanie brings a tremendous amount of professional knowledge and creativity to her role, which ensures that your workout will always be just the right challenge level and never boring. But perhaps the best part of working out with Stephanie is the convenience. I need to get my workout done in the early morning hours before work and Stephanie is as dependable as a personalized alarm clock, complete with smile! She arrives promptly on time every workout day, ready to motivate me and help me push the envelope just a little bit further.

I spent four years working out two to three times a week with Stephanie as my trainer. Each 45 minute session would fly by as Steph would encourage me to push myself above and beyond what I thought I was capable. Working with Stephanie improved not only my strength and flexibility physically, but also impacted my overall sense of well-being. My nutrition improved, my attitude improved and my abilities to perform in my job as a physician and as a wife and mother all improved. Stephanie then started working with my 11 year old daughter three days a week. She helped Diana begin to develop excellent nutrition and exercise habits and establish behaviors that will, no doubt, lead to lifelong health and happiness. I can give Stephanie the highest recommendation and will forever be grateful for the guidance she has provided myself and my family.