Daily Fitness Tip

Carbs are not the enemy- eating too much or the wrong kinds of them can be

Emily E. Volk, MD

I spent four years working out two to three times a week with Stephanie as my trainer. Each 45 minute session would fly by as Steph would encourage me to push myself above and beyond what I thought I was capable. Working with Stephanie improved not only my strength and flexibility physically, but also impacted my overall sense of well-being. My nutrition improved, my attitude improved and my abilities to perform in my job as a physician and as a wife and mother all improved. Stephanie then started working with my 11 year old daughter three days a week. She helped Diana begin to develop excellent nutrition and exercise habits and establish behaviors that will, no doubt, lead to lifelong health and happiness. I can give Stephanie the highest recommendation and will forever be grateful for the guidance she has provided myself and my family.